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Better With Our
Growth Plan

Reinforcing your brand is important in a crowded market. By transforming your Bitly links to branded links with our Growth plan, your links become exceptionally powerful tools for your company.

We believe it’s important that all links are identifiable and trusted. By having our brand on the short URLs, our constituents can rest assured that it’s going to a trusted source—and that is huge.

Duncan MacGruer | Portal Services Manager
University of Edinburgh

Designed for Efficiency,
Engineered to Last.

A few links can add up to multiple links as your business grows. Our bulk link shortening tool saves you valuable time and effort by importing your links directly from an Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, or any type of spreadsheet.

Place Your Content
Virtually Anywhere
With QR Codes

QR Codes are an ideal contactless solution to engage your customers. Use Bitly QR Codes to drive customers to calls to action for purchases, more product information, sign-ups, app installs, and more.

Save 17% when you pay annually
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Save 17% when you pay annually

(annual charge of $348)

(annual charge of $348)


  • 500 branded links and 10 QR Codes per month
  • All the tools you need to start growing your brand
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  • Features:
  • Pages
  • Branded links
  • Custom back-halves

  • Advanced QR Code customizations
  • Bulk link shortening
  • Link & QR Code

  • Link click & QR Code
    scan data
  • App integrations
  • Complimentary
    custom domain